Medical Malpractice Claims

New 2016 studies have found that 251,454 deaths in the United States are the result of medical malpractice. If a doctor or other health care provider makes a mistake it could result in very serious complications, injury or death. In those instances a thorough investigation of all that transpired must be undertaken to discover the…



Personal Injury Lawyer represents car accident injury client for rear end accident case. Motor vehicle injury lawyer will be representing a car accident victim who was involved in an auto accident case. The personal injury client has suffered injury as a direct result of the accident.


Our Firm Overview

Injury cases are unique and require their own customized strategic approach. There may be liability issues or issues of pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses or lost earnings (or loss of future earning capacity). At the Law Offices of Shapiro & Associates we strategically dedicate ourselves to fully and completely evaluate each and…