Every year thousands of accident victims are injured in burn accidents. Burn injuries are some of the most sever and painful injuries you can have. These injuries often result in long and painful rehabilitation and treatment. The injured person is sometimes left with significant scarring and disfigurement and sometimes the burn results in death.

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The Skin
Burn injuries are one of the most painful injuries anyone can suffer. Most people do not realize that our skin is the largest organ in our body. Our skin has billions of neuron receptors that tell our brain if that part of our body is cold or hot or is injured.

At the Law Offices of Shapiro & Associates our burn Injury Lawyer has the experience and knowledge to collect money for your case. A burn injury can be a devastating injury requiring attendant care and treatment for a lifetime. Special damages must be collected to provide for the injured future needs. Recovery should include medical expenses and it should also include compensation for, special equipment, medications, supplies, transportation, lost earnings, pain and suffering, etc.

Minor Burn Injuries
If we feel pain, we instinctively remove that part of the body away from the source of the pain. When we get a minor burn injury which is referred to as a First Degree Burn injury, we frequently run water on the affected area to help the pain. The outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis, then regrows and the skin heals with no after effect, except possibly a minor scar.

Serious Second Or Third Degree Burn Injuries
When the skin is burned more severely, either a second degree burn injury or third degree burn injury has occurred involving the lower layers of the skin. This type of burn injury is more severe and very painful because the nerves are affected.

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Causes of Burn Injuries
Burn injuries often result from:

  • On the job incidents
  • Automobile accidents
  • Fires in structures
  • Electrocution or electrical burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns

Electrical Burn Injuries
Electrical burn injuries result from exposure to high voltage electricity. On the job exposure for those working in the electrical field is ever present. The burn injuries result from electric current flowing through the body & causing a severe exit wound, Possibly high voltage will cause the heart to stop beating and result in the death of the victim. Workers can be electrocuted on the job & experience fatal work-related injuries.

Flammable Clothing Burn Injuries
The Flammability of clothing is tremendously dangerous as it may spread through the clothing & create severe burns all over the body. Clothing sold in the USA must comply with the Flammable Fabrics Act.

Thermal Burn Injuries
Thermal burn injuries occur when there is exposure to, or contact with steam, flames, flash, and hot surfaces or hot liquids with a temperature of 115 degrees Thermal burn injuries may be on the job related & occur while cooking on hot stoves, for example.

Automobile Fires & Burn Injuries
Automobile fires may result from auto accidents, putting passengers at great peril. Automobile fires may be caused by gas explosions as well as contact with another object.

Chemical Burn Injuries
Chemical burn injuries are caused by contact with acids or strong bases such as alkoloids. Often Strong chemicals are used in laboratories and place on the job workers at risk. Very strong chemicals will dissolve skin at contact and are difficult to wash away at contact exposure.

Structure Fires & Burn Injuries
Fires are a common cause of residential fire deaths & office building fire deaths. Heating & electrical equipment may malfunction & result in serious burn injuries or death.

Consequences of Serious Burn Injuries
When skin is severely burned, scar tissue is formed. This burn scar tissue loses many normal characteristics because of the severe scaring.

  • Loss of Ability to Regrow: When the skin suffers third degree burn injuries, it may lose its ability to regrow . In that event the surgeon will transplant undamaged skin from another part of the body to the damaged area. Modern medicine has also developed artificial skin or skin grown in laboratories to cover severely burned areas of the body.
  • Loss of Elasticity: Skin normally has a wonderful characteristic of elasticity . Loss of elasticity is a consequence of burn scar tissue.
  • Loss of Sense of Touch: Normally we rely on our sense of touch to tell when objects are hot or cold. Loss of sense of touch is a consequence of severely burned & scared skin tissue.
  • Loss of Ability to Perspire: One way the body acts to stay cool is to perspire . Perspiring brings the fluid to the skin surface, so the fluid can evaporate and we then feel cooler. Perspiration also helps the body eliminate waste. A seriously burned victim’s skin may not perspire normally as the quality and ability of the skin tissue has been compromised. This loss of ability to perspire means that the body’s own way of cooling itself can no longer function
  • Need for Protection From Weather: Severely burned skin, even after healing, must be permanently protected from the sun & weather elements.
  • Risk of Infection: Dead Skin (called eschar ) needs to be remove to make a clean, raw placde for skin grafting or new skin to grow. This is called debridement. Debridement is necessary to help prevent infection since dead tissue from burns is a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

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