Florida is a large state with many forms of public and private transportation. People across the various Florida counties ride buses daily as their main means of transportation. Private buses also operate within the state. Buses are known as “common carriers”. The law provides that “common carriers” must carry passengers safely. They must do all that a reasonably careful person can do under the circumstances to avoid harm to passengers.

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Year after year large and small buses are involved in fatal accidents. People are seriously injured in bus accidents due to the negligence of bus drivers and the negligence of their maintenance crew. Whether a victim is a passenger on the bus, a driver or passenger of another vehicle involved in a collision with a bus, or a pedestrian, he or she may have a claim against the bus driver, employer and owner of the bus.

Therefore, if you have been injured in an accident involving a bus, there may be several types of claims against the driver, employer and owner of the bus.

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Some buses have video surveillance cameras which may error or omissions of the bus driver. Unfortunately, bus drivers do not always operate their buses with reasonable care, and as such many bus accidents occur.
There are many factors that may contribute to a bus accident, Bus drivers are already at a disadvantage in that they are behind the wheel of a huge vehicle that cannot stop and swerve easily to avoid a collision. There could also be poor maintenance work that causes a problem in the bus. Weather can also play a part as visibility becomes an issue.

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If you have been injured in a bus accident, you may experience head trauma, fractured bones, bruising, damage to internal organs, and other serious injuries. Our experienced bus accident lawyer can help recover monetary compensation for your injuries and other accident related expenses.

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