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Truck accidents involving vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, trailers and tractor trailers contribute to the large number of motor vehicle injuries and deaths each year. An accident involving a Truck or Tractor Trailer may create liability not just for the driver of the tractor, but also for the employer of the driver, the owner of the tractor, the owner of the trailer, the owner of the container being transported, as well as the owner of the load in the container. It is crucial that all liability and damage issues are fully investigated. Additionally, insurance issues must be investigated and explored to uncover all sources of potential recovery. At The Law Offices of Shapiro & Associates, we do an in depth comprehensive investigation and evaluation of each and every case.

For many years, we have been vigilant in representing the injured and their families. The Law Offices of Shapiro & Associates has achieved million-dollar recoveries for accident deaths and injuries. Our truck accident attorney has been given the highest rating for legal ability and ethics. We have been recognized in the legal community for our accomplishments and this is testament to the fact that fellow lawyers and judges rank us at the highest level of professional excellence.

Tractor Trailer Accidents
Accidents involving Tractor trailers often involve more serious injuries because the trailer sits at a higher level than a car, causing the likelihood of “underride”. An “underride” collision involves the lower passenger vehicle (usually the front) traveling under the higher body of the trailer (usually the rear), this causes the trailer to intrude into the occupant compartment of the lower passenger vehicle causing injury to those inside the car.

In spite of some regulations which require some tractor trailers to have retro reflective tape on the rear and a lower rear bumper, there are still many tractor-trailers lacking proper safety underride protections. Bumpers often do not meet the Department of Transportation standards or collapse on contact.

Underride accidents are often horrific as the big rig trailer often acts as a “can opener” slicing off the passenger and driver-side compartments of the colliding vehicle. Fatalities are very common in these types of accidents. Understanding the mechanics of an accident and hiring the right “expert witnesses” can make or break your truck accident case. Despite efforts to equip a tractor trailer with safety items to prevent an underride accident, there are other factors such as bad weather and driver error that often lead to serious injury or death. In many circumstances a combination of many factors results in an underride accident.

Truck Maintenance
Improper maintenance of trucks can also contribute to accidents. Worn brakes, defective steering, bad tires, improper loading and other equipment failures can cause or substantially contribute to a serious truck accident.

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